The blockchain system has begun to be recognized for its growth. Integration of blockchain to the exchange and transaction system is a fast and effective solution for distance coverage, security, and validity.

Although the blockchain mechanism is very complex, it is basically a system that decentralizes data storage so that it cannot be owned, controlled, or manipulated. This role supports the blockchain to be transparent in every transaction movement that occurs.

Binance Smart Chain or we can call BSC for short has become one of Ethereum’s strongest competitors in 2021. Before learning what Binance Smart Chain has to offer, it…

The blockchain is a decentralized database stored on multiple computers as highly secure identical copies. This technology has been used as the foundation for world’s most popular cryptocurrency. Blockchain has the main ledger for logs all transaction. Every transaction in this ledger is authorized by the digital signature of the owner, which authenticates the transaction and safeguards it from tampering.

What is JACS ?

Just Another Communications Stack

JACS (Just Another Communications Stack) is a new communications stack, that combine from blockchain and ConnectionLess Networks Services (CLNS). There are many drivers in the creation of JACS, such as, IPv4 address depletion, centralized address allocation…

In Blockchain, every transactions are stored on block together. Each block is added to the next in an irreversible chain and connected to the one before and after it. This system, therefore, it is less risky to be hacked, more consistent, timely, accurate and widely available.

Tokenization of Student Property on blockchain Standard student property ownership depending on the own ownership model. And, when it comes to joint ownership, even with some people it can get very complicated. It is very expensive to split a property into pieces with incomplete ownership keep an eye on. …

A comfort and security becomes important in making transactions from one person to another. a good system technology continues to be developed in a transaction process. blockchain is a choice that might be appropriate to overcome this problem.

The blockchain is a decentralized database stored on multiple computers as highly secure identical copies. This technology has been used as the foundation for world’s most popular cryptocurrency. A truly decentralized payment platform would allow users to send and receive payments without the need for a trusted third party. However, there needs to bean intermediary to manage transactions and prevent double spending…

RideNode™ born to become the First Blockchain in American or Digital Currency on Ride and Transportation Sector. Henry Ford Model T is America’s First affordable automobile that not only opened up new markets. In order to eliminate market competitors, especially in the travel industry, BayRide comes by making sure drivers are paid exactly and to ensure that passengers are safe and comfortable.

BayRide Inc. Board of Directors recognizes that the organization’s main assets consist of core blockchain operational technology, physical safety features for passengers and drivers, with a significant emphasis on all drivers. …

Imagine a device that can make it easier for us to access all information about the blockchain now in your grasp … This is Xphone. This gadget can make people’s everyday life to integrate about blockchain technology.

XPhone is the first blockchain phone in the world that is designed with innovative features not found on other smartphones. Supported by Function X, an ecosystem built entirely on top of and for the blockchain, XPhone runs
on the new transmission protocol for the blockchain age.

Unlike traditional phones which require a centralized mobile carrier, XPhone runs independently without the need for that.

The use of the internet has given birth to a blockchain system process. This system allows users to send and receive data safely of all kinds, through a new transmission protocol. Users will be able to share data in the same way as they do online securely via the blockchain, while developers can quickly and easily publish decentralized applications via FXTP.

Blockchain technology also has a large impact on the development of large companies. One of these big projects is called the x function. The main idea of f (x) blockchain is to produce a number of f (x) Coins…

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